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You will meet people from all walks of life – undergrad and grad students, teachers, professionals, law enforcement officers, and more – each committed to training in self-defense, while working on their own fitness goals.  You will meet instructors who have a wide range of experience in martial arts.  Lastly, you will discover a community of committed martial arts practioners who want to learn and practice the best techniques, in the best way possible, while working on their fitness levels and have fun doing it.


On your first visit, make sure you’re hydrated, and have had something to eat, but not too close to the class you’ve decided to attend.  Please come a few minutes early so you will have an opportunity to get situated.  When you enter the academy, feel free to introduce yourself to any of the students or teachers that are already there.  They’ll show you where The Fighters Garage Contact and Waiver sheet is.  Take the time to fill out both sides of the form.  When you train with us, you’ll want to wear comfortable gym clothing.  If you need to change into your gym clothing we do have changing rooms for you to use.  We do ask that initially you go barefoot on our mats.


Here’s how you’ll want to train during your initial two weeks at the academy: first, see how you interact with the students and instructors.  Ask yourself if you can see yourself training here with our students, and if you can learn from how our instructors teach self-defense.  Let’s face it, you’ll only continue training consistently when it’s an academy that you enjoy training at.  And remember, when you are training with us, always take care of yourself and your partners.  Never train so hard that you’d have to take a few days off before you came in again.  We are always aiming at training for the long term, and so we want you to take care of yourself and your training partners.

Ready To Figure Out When To Come?

If you’re ready to come and try us out, find out when the next class is and come in!

The Fighters Garage truly is a one-of-a-kind martial arts training facility.  It is professional yet very family friendly and welcoming of anyone regardless of age, gender, or skill level.  Initially, I was a bit apprehensive but my fears quickly dissipated and I soon felt comfortable enough exposing my lack of knowledge in the Krav Maga and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu classes.  I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned both about self-defense, and myself.  It’s awesome!

Dana B - mother

As a woman, knowing how to defend myself has been very important to me.  Both myself and some of my friends have found ourselves in situations where knowing how to use effective self-defense can make a difference.  You would never wait till you got into an accident to buy car insurance, or for your house burn down before you got homeowner’s insurance, why would you wait to learn self-defense?  I didn’t.  And if you’re going to learn self-defense, while having fun at it, The Fighters Garage is the academy to train at.

Melissa F - research scientist